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N-Butanol (99,5%) - China

N-Butanol (99,5%) - China in Tradeasia



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Basic Info


Colourless Liquid

Common Names

Butyl alcohol, Propylcarbinol



Brief Overview

Butanol is an alcohol with the formula CH3CH2CH2CH2OH and can be produced through petrochemical processes. It can also be produced through fermentation of sugars derived from corn and agricultural crops. N-butanol is sold primarily as a chemical. N-butanol is a superior global chemical as compared to isobutanol.


Manufacturing Process

N-butanol can occur naturally as product of the fermentation of sugars and other carbohydrates.  However, the major use of N-butanol is in the industrial arena which requires large scale production. This is achieved by allowing feedstock of propylene undergo ‘oxo process’ in the presence of a homogeneous catalyst. This produces butyraldehde in bulk in the petrochemical industry. The butyraldehyde obtained is subsequently hydrogenated to produce n-butanol.

Paint and Coating Industry

About half of the production of pure n-Butanol and its derivatives (primarily esters) is used as solvents in the coatings industry. The advantage here is that n-Butanol prevents blushing of some coatings when they dry under humid conditions. Thus, it is a common diluent in cellulose nitrate lacquers and improves their gloss, flow and resistance to blushing. For this purpose, 5 –10 % addition rates are generally sufficient. n-Butanol is a suitable solvent for lacquers that are acid-curable and baking finishes derived from urea, melamine or phenolic resins. Lastly, small amounts of n-Butanol can prevent cobwebbing in lacquers formulated from spirit-soluble resins.


Other Applications

N-butanol is commonly used as a chemical intermediate to form other chemicals like n-butyl acrylate, n-butyl methacrylate, n-butylglycol ethers and n-butyl acetate. These chemicals are often used in construction industries as adhesive, leather industries for leather finishing, plastic industries for manufacturing of plastic and cleaning industries for cleaning fluids.

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