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Butyl Acetate (99,5%) - Singapore

Butyl Acetate (99,5%) - Singapore in Tradeasia


Butyl Acetate

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Transparent Liquid

Common Names

Butyl Ethanoate


180 KG Metal Drum

Brief Overview 

Known by another name, butyl ethanoate, butyl acetate is a fruity-smelling, medium-volatile chemical compound. It is present in a wide variety of fruits, where it gives them their distinct tastes and pleasant apple or banana aroma when combined with other compounds. A medium-boiling ester solvent is butyl acetate. It has a low miscibility in water but is very combustible and miscible with all basic organic solvents. In the environment, butyl acetate is a volatile substance that reacts photochemically with chlorine atoms and hydroxyl radicals.

Manufacturing Process 

Butyl acetate is produced when butanol and acetic acid are esterified; sulfuric acid acts as a catalyst in this reaction. The reaction is driven to completion by the azeotropic separation of water. The ester is then purified by distillation after the acid catalyst is neutralized.

Food Industry 

Naturally occurring in bananas and kindred fruits, butyl acetate is created and released during fermentation. It has also been discovered in a large range of food items. It's a fruit flavored substitute used in baked products, ice cream, candies, and cheeses.

Coating Industry 

Butyl acetate is primarily employed as a thinner in the creation of nitrocellulose lacquers and as a solvent in lacquers, inks, and adhesives. In addition, it's utilized in the production of high-polish lacquers and varnishes, waxes, oils, fats, photographic film, nail polish removers, and camphor.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Butyl acetate is utilized as an extraction solvent for fine compounds, especially antibiotics, because of its poor water solubility. In addition, they serve as a chemical intermediary in the production of artificial flavorings, cleansers, and other organic compounds. Because butyl acetate is miscible with practically all common organic liquids, it is an excellent solvent for a wide variety of resins.

Paint Industry

Because of its superior gloss factor and color leveling, it is utilized as a solvent. It facilitates the smooth and equal application of paint, improving the surface's quality and lessening imperfections like brush strokes and orange peel texture.

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