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Tung Oil

Tung Oil in Tradeasia


Tung Oil

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Basic Info


Colorless to Yellow to Brown

Common Names

China Wood Oil


170 KG Net Galvanized Iron Drum

Brief Overview

Tung oil is a non-toxic finishing product. It provides a solid, flexible finish that is highly resistant to water, alcohol, and alkaline. It is a member of the spurge Family, and can also be known as China Wood Oil or Nut Oil. As a drying oil, Tung oil hardens upon exposure to air.


Manufacturing Processes

Tung oil is produced by harvesting the nuts that grow in clusters. Tung Oil is pressed from the nuts of tung tree. They are dried and shucked and the transparent oil is squeezed from the seeds inside. This rich oil never loses elasticity and penetrates deep into the pores of the wood.

Paint Industry

It is widely used in the paint industry as an environmentally friendly wood finish due to its ability to dry quickly into a tough, glossy, waterproof coating.



It is also used as an adhesive agent on porous materials such as granite or marble in home kitchens and bathrooms.

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