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25 kg PP/PE without pallet.

Calcium carbonate fillers have ideal properties for many polymer applications and the world consumption is over ten million tonnes annually. Both natural (ground (natural) calcium carbonates, GCC) and synthetic forms are in use and can be derived from abundant and widely occurring natural deposits.

Manufacturing process:

Most of CaCO3 used in industrial productions, especially the calcium carbonate filler used in plastic industry is exploited from quarries (marble mines) or rocks mountains (limestones ores). Understanding this, EuP experts have studied and explored ways to exploit these limestone resources which are very favored by Vietnam. EuP, as top 5 filler masterbatch manufacturer, always focuses on exploiting thousands-years-old limestone mines with abundant and quality CaCO3 reserves, which are highly appreciated by French geological experts in order to find the best and cheapest raw materials serving as the main ingredient for masterbatch production. In addition to exploiting limestone in nature, there is another source of calcium carbonate that is an artificial product produced by the reaction of CO2, water and lime (CaO).

1. Paint and coating: Calcium carbonate has establish itself as the primary extender in paint and coatings. Coating opacity is affected by fineness and particle size distribution. Furthermore, calcium carbonate has a high brightness, low oil absorption, dispersibility, weather resistance, low abrasiveness, low electrolyte content, pH stabilizing action, and improved anti-corrosion and rheological capabilities.

2. Producing glass, ceramics and construction: Calcium carbonate powder helps these products achieve better and more stable under natural environmental conditions. At the same time, when added to the raw materials in the ceramic production processes, they serve as an additive to help these processes occurring more quickly and more

3. Agriculture, medical and environmental sectors: Stimulate the formation and development of several poultry types. CaCO3 is mixed into animal feed and becomes an essential nutrient source for poultry bones and egg shells to grow and develop. Besides, CaCO3 is also a major component of an oral drug such as calcium supplements for
people with osteoporosis and a drug called antacid used to neutralize acid in the stomach and is used to reduce heartburn, dyspepsia and upset stomach.

4. Plastic additive: CaCO3 has a natural bright whiteness, so plastic products that use CaCO3 filler will achieve high brightness and whiteness without using bleach, whitening agents or other coloring products. This saves an expense for masterbatch manufacturer

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